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Date2018-11-21When Princess Art meets Prince Science?




Are you curious about the “mysteries” behind the artworks when you see the moving paper cars, talking stones and luminous clothes? Is it the magic of fairies or the secret of science? You may get the answers from the 2018 International Children’s Art & Science Exhibition opened on Nov. 18th (Sunday), which lasts for one month. 





Guided by Shanghai Science and Technology Committee and Changning District People’s Government, co-organized by Shanghai Art Collection Museum, Committee of Science and Technology of Changning District of Shanghai and Shanghai Changning Science and Technology Association, the 2018 International Children’s Art & Science Exhibition will provide children and teenagers around the world with a visual feast of art and science.

To encourage children and teenagers to explore scientific stories behind the artworks, train their practical ability, increase their science consciousness and artistic accomplishments, the exhibition promotes the scientific knowledge to the public by combining the difficult theories with art production, creating interaction environment to arouse children’s interests. 




Based on the showrooms of Shanghai Art Collection Museum and the geographical advantages of Tianshan Park, the exhibition is divided into three parts, the indoor exhibition, outdoor experience activities and dynamic performances, which guarantee the variety of exhibition forms and richness of exhibition contents. 


Indoor exhibition - colorful artworks 


The indoor exhibition is divided into five areas, including paper, metal, stone, ceramics and fiber. In each area the concrete artifacts and objects will be presented along with scientific pictures and texts, which enables children to enjoy the artworks and learn the scientific knowledge at the same time.  




Using the technology of sound, light and electricity, the paper car and bird are moving slowly. Using the principle of incompatibility between water and oil, the ink will stretch freely on the surface of water and you will find the mystery of Ebru. Combining paper pulps with 3D printing technology, a series of small and vivid paper sculptures will stand out. Various paper artworks with technological sense display the beauty of science.





After the volcanic tsunami, meteorite impact, crustal movement, the original stone of the Ice Age becomes a dream catcher, shining amber, a crystal tree, and a stone forest in the hands of children. The nature always makes human beings stunned. It’s so exciting to explore the wonderful stories behind the stone works.





After high-temperature color glaze, gas-fired kiln change, gas firing and other procedures, the clay is turned into the beautiful ceramic. This exhibition area will bring you to a ceramic world, to feel the texture and power of the clay and listen to the secrets of ceramic. 




When the ancient and traditional fiber meets the emerging science and technology, when the scarecrow stands in the middle of concrete floor instead of field, when the silkworms become skilled embroiders, the story of clothes and fibers is happening. The exhibition area of fiber art will take you to explore the scientific theories behind each artifact, to understand the process from natural fibers to fabrics then to clothes. You will feel the power of science in the beauty of art.




Here, the metal is not just a conductor used in experiment of physics classes. The techniques of cloisonné, porcelain, inlay, filigree, variegated-copper and tin turn them into beautiful artworks. Creative sculptures and paintings made of recyclable materials and the voice-control gardenia combining sound, light and electricity technology offer the audiences a new perspective to enjoy the beauty of metal works. 






Interesting interaction - Power of science


To develop children’s art and science education to a higher level, a series of interaction activities will be held as well besides the indoor display. 

You can visit this exhibition with questionnaires. Lots of experience activities such as “Fish Becomes Alive”, paper folding, robots’ drawing show and painting on digital tablets are set to create better interaction environment for the audiences. 




In the outdoor areas, you can “try on” traditional costumes from different countries and cultures, wear the DIY mineral bracelets, feel the mystery of porcelain drawing and carving, even have a plant tour in the park. Also you can see a series of dynamic performances such as paper art magic, science class and model show. 


Combination of art and science


The exhibition attracted a lot of artworks of children and young people, who have passion for arts and science, from China, Japan, South Korea, Ukraine, Iran, the United States, France, Britain, Russia, Austria, Egypt, Thailand, Brazil, Malaysia, Czech Republic, etc. The exhibits are made from clay, metal, paper, fiber, stone and various materials in different forms. The exhibitors are from different ages, various cultures and areas. With international impact, this exhibition contributes to the art and science exchanges between Shanghai and the world. 






Outstanding resources, international brand


Changning District has an outstanding geographical position and rich historical and cultural resources. It is an international district, where one-third of Consulates General and half of diplomats’ residences in Shanghai are located, as well as many international talents and well-known enterprises. As the organizer of this event, Shanghai Art Collection Museum has successively held eight sessions of International Exhibition of Traditional Fine Arts, six sessions of International (Shanghai) Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Forum, three sessions of International Children’s Creative Art Exhibition and other international events. It has maintained friendly cooperation and relations with cultural and science institutions from more than 30 countries, which enables it to accumulate rich resources. 

This exhibition attracted art and science objects of children around the world recommended by consulates general, schools, science education base, art and science institutions, etc. It aims to enhance the science literacy of citizens, promote the individual innovation and build international brand. 




The Organizing Committee hopes that through an art & science exhibition and a series of experiencing activities, we can not only reflect different understandings of art and science from children around the world, but also present a brand new perspective of exchanges among civilizations, making this exhibition an influential brand event of science, art and culture in China and foreign countries.   




The exhibition will last until Dec. 25th, 2018 (closed on Mondays).